Neighbors Opposed to Day Care in Haslett

Neighbors Opposed to Day Care in Haslett

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Alyssa Szuma, resident of Haslett requested to establish a group day care home for no more than 12 children at 1211 Ascott Place.

Szuma received her Bachelors in children and families at the University of Michigan and has a passion for the care of children.

"This is all I have ever done, this is my passion," she said.

Szuma's program is in high demand for the area so much so that there is a wait list. Szuma said there are no other group homes in Haslett so her program is a need for the area.

Although Szuma believes her program is a great addition to Haslett some of her neighbors do not agree.

David Namie, neighbor of Alyssa Szuma, spoke against the motion that would authorize Szuma's request to operate a day care out of her home at the Meridian Township Planning Commission on Feb. 8.

"We had a day care center at this site in the past, we were promised no additional traffic, no congestion of Ascott or Ventura Place, no barriers in the streets and that children would be inside most of the time so noise would not be a factor," Namie said.

"What we got was the direct opposite of what the applicant pledged to the neighborhood."

Szuma understands her neighbors concerns and is working to regulate the issues.

"I understand the concern for traffic and I will do my best to address that. I want to be on good terms with my neighbors," Szuma said.

Since this was just a public hearing, the Planning Commission didn't take action on the issue. That will happen at the next meeting.

Szuma wasn't the only one asking the Planning Commission for a Special Use Permit for a home day care, a public hearing was also held for Eric and Jacqueline Fann for a day care on 4628 Manitou Drive in Okemos.

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