Actions You Should Take to Reduce Lead in Your Water

Actions You Should Take to Reduce Lead 
in Your Water

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Too much lead in the human body can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells. You have greater risk if you are a young child or pregnant even with short-term exposure.

Here are actions you should take to reduce lead in drinking water.

1. Flush Your Pipes Before Drinking.
Anytime the water in a particular faucet has not been used for six hours or longer, flush your cold-water pipes by running the water from 5 to 30 seconds.

2. Only Use Cold Water for Consumption.
Use only cold water for drinking and cooking. Hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead.

3. Have Your Water Tested.
The only way to be sure of the amount of lead in your household water is to have it tested by a competent laboratory. Contact your supplier for more information or assistance with testing.

Contact your county or state department of health or environment for information on local water quality. Water is very important source of human body. Protect your body and health of your family with clean water.

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