Haslett Superintendent Mike Duda Retiring At End Of School Year

Haslett Superintendent Mike Duda 
Retiring At End Of School Year

HASLETT - Mike Duda has been in the education field for approximately 40 years, beginning his career as a teacher and coach in Eaton Rapids.

"I was in that profession for about 8 years..then I moved into an athletic director/assistant principal job for 4 years and then from there I moved..I was in Eaton Rapids for 12 years as an educator then moved to Brighton Public Schools for 3 years," Duda mentioned.

For the last 25 years, he has been a huge part of the Haslett Public Schools System, 12 of those years spent with the title of Superintendent.

"It's just been one of the best experiences that I can express to this community, its just been wonderful working here," said Duda.

Being Superintendent, there are numerous responsibilities one must take oversee.

"In Haslett, we have a budget of about $26 million per year annually that we have to pay attention to," Duda stated.

Not only that, but according to Duda educating children is the most important responsibility in Haslett Public Schools.

"We've been able to hire the very best and the brightest here…we feel we provide a quality education here for our students which is the most important thing that we do as educators."

Like every profession, there are positive perks and negatives. As far as the most rewarding part of being a Superintendent, Duda mentioned:

"Making an organization move forward, doing well every year and the academics is our priority here and obviously offering a vast array of extracurricular types of activities whether it be athletics or in theatre, band or choir…we're very fortunate that we're able to provide those types of opportunities for our children here."

One of the things he finds has been the most challenging in the last few years however, is the budget.

"Being able to provide and continue to provide those kinds of quality experiences for students has been challenging."

And after a long and successful career, Duda has decided to turn in his title as Superintendent and begin his retirement.

"I really don't have concrete plans right now."

He says he may travel but he really just wants to take some time to unwind.

"There's a couple of things that I've considered but frankly what I'd like to do is take some time to think about it."

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