Get Assistance to Heat Your Home this Winter

Get Assistance to Heat Your Home this 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The winter is the time of high utility bills and costs. It's a misconception that during the winter months your utilities won't be shut-off, the said reality is that it actually happens sometimes when the bills are not paid. To prevent any problems before it happens, it is very important to get assistance with the heating bills if it's needed.

Darla Jackson, Human Services Specialist at Meridian Township provided some information on how to get assistance with those bills.

Consumers Energy has many different payment programs to help those in need. They have Shut-Off Protection Plan for seniors who are older than 65 years old, and more plans for the residents with low incomes.

"Call for assistance. You can call my office, Capital Area Community Services, St. Vincent De Paul, or any of us. If you face that problem, there are number of places where we can get assistance for you. It's just getting matter of that information when it's needed," said Jackson.

She also mentioned that the residents can also apply for State of Emergency Relief to get assistance from other organizations.

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