Grants Awarded for Township Parks

Grants Awarded for Township Parks

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department is very excited for the several grants that have been awarded to them. More than $115,000 worth of grant funds will go towards improving area township parks.

The improvements include a pavilion that was originally slated for North Meridian Park several years ago, but ultimately had to be cut. Renovation of the Hillbrook tennis courts, and new handicap-accessible outdoor exercise equipment for Wonch Park will also be installed as well.

"When we evaluated our park system and our needs, a lot of the infrastructure things we really, we had to get after that. And so that's what we spent 2015 doing," said LuAnn Maisner, Director of Meridian Township Parks & Recreation.

The improvements represent a departure from the previous maintenance policy and a step towards the new improvement and beautification efforts.

Wonch Park, in particular, dating back to the 1960's, is already undergoing extensive refurbishing.

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