Asian Buffet Continues to Donate to the Community

Asian Buffet Continues to Donate to the 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Asian Buffet donated 15 percent of their Dec. 10 gross income to the Meridian Cares program.

The $500 donation went to families in need during the holiday season.

General manager Henry Kwok said the restaurant was fortunate to be given this opportunity.

"We thought it was a very unique opportunity to help out the community… through the winter months," Kwok said.

The restaurant got involved in the Meridian Cares program through Trustee Milton Scales who says this isn't Asian Buffet's first time donating to the community.

Scales said during the December 2013 power outage Asian Buffet provided dinner to the entire shelter in Meridian Township on Christmas day.

"Henry Kwok called me up and and asked how many people were at our shelter, I said 35-50 people," Scales said. "So on Christmas day when the power went out Asian Buffet stepped up to help members of the community just like they stepped up today with their donation to Meridian Cares.

Chair of the Community Resource Commission Suzanne Brouse said Meridian Cares is strongly needed in this community, even if some may not realize it.

"Everyone thinks Haslett, Okemos, Meridian Township as being rather affluent but actually there are many people here who live below the poverty level."

Brouse said Asian Buffet's involvement in the program is exactly what orchestrators hoped for when starting the Meridian Cares program 2 years ago.

"This is spectacular, I think it's the best example of Meridian Cares," Brouse said.

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