Paper Tax Roll Copies Become Electronic

Paper Tax Roll Copies Become Electronic

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - There was a previous state law in Michigan stating that government agencies had to print out a copy of paper tax rolls and keep the copies for a certain number of years.

Recently the law was changed and now copies are electronic. Michigan has about 10 million parcels state wide and Meridian Township makes up 16,000 parcels with the previous tax roll. That meant 2.6 million sheets of paper state wide to keep copies.

Meridian Township Treasurer, Julie Brixie had this to say about the new change, "We're really happy because we're going to save paper. And its good for the environment, we're going to save time, we're going to save ink, we're going to save resources. We aren't going to have to store as many records as we were before and we're already storing more than that."

The paper tax roll bill was supported by 69th District State Representative Sam Singh (D). Now local governments can use the electronic system without authorization from the State Commission System.

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