Dog House Donations

Dog House Donations

INGHAM COUNTY - Winter is upon us, and local residents aren't the only ones that need to stay warm. Dogs that are kept outside during the winter need to have proper shelter too, because they are just as susceptible to the cold weather as we are.

The Ingham County Animal Shelter is currently taking donations in order to help keep dogs warm this winter.

"It is completely acceptable for residents to keep their pets outside during the winter, just as long as they are properly cared for," said John Dinon, the Director of the shelter. He stresses the importance of keeping dogs safe outside. He states, "...the most important thing is that they're out of the wind, with warm, dry bedding."

The shelter is receiving numerous donations of dog houses for both large and small dogs.

Cash donations are also welcome, which the shelter will use to purchase materials to build dog houses. If residents wish to donate, they can visit the shelter in Mason, or the shelter's outreach center in Lansing.

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