Capital Area Multi-Modal Gateway now offering CATA services

Capital Area Multi-Modal Gateway now offering CATA services

EAST LANSING - On Monday, November 9th CATA began operating bus services out of the new Capital Area Multimodal Gateway. The facility is located at 1240 S. Harrison in East Lansing near Michigan State University.

This project has been underway since August 2014. The East Lansing property is owned and leased to CATA by Michigan State University. The $6.3 Million project was funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“We did receive a federal grant to build the facility, which we’re very, very thankful for. We’ve been working; first of all we did a public process to invite customers to tell us what they want this facility to look like. We have incorporated many of those suggestions,” said Debbie Alexander, CATA Assistant Executive Director.

The Capital Area Multimodal Gateway will include Amtrak, Megabus, Greyhound, and Indian Trails operations. The new Amtrak station is expected to open later this year. As of now, Amtrak passengers can continue to use the existing Amtrak station on the property. CATA officials have not announced the official move-in date, but a formal open house will take place at the new station once it is completed.

The new facility will provide customers and employees with a much larger and safer environment. The building consists of tall glass windows making it easier for those who are inside to see out, and those outside to see in.

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