Chvala's Wetland Use Permit Granted

Chvala's Wetland Use Permit Granted

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - During the November 9th Panning Commission meeting, the Chvala Wetland Use Permit came before the Commission and was a topic of discussion.

Haslett resident Cory Chvala plans to create a natural deep water area to improve and diversify the wetland functions beginning at his residential property.

During the meeting and Post Script interview, Commissioner Richard Honicky explained how this permit was unique.

"Right now the wetlands is a monoculture, meaning it really doesn't have the diversity vegetation that would attract lots of different kinds of birds or other kinds of animals," stated Honicky.

Honicky's concerns were how the wetland would be filled with water and manure from horses Chvala plans to have on the property. Safety and supervision of children was also a concern.

By the end of the meeting, the Commission's consensus was to move forward with the Wetland Use Permit.

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