Wonch Park to Receive New Pavilion

Wonch Park to Receive New Pavilion

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Wonch park used to be easy to miss, it was obstructed by trees and just not meeting its full potential. This past year, however, the park has undergone some serious upgrades.

The park is located on Okemos Road and is the oldest park in the Meridian Township park system, you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at it though.

The parking-lot has been re-paved and re-striped, and there's a nice playground open to the public.

Dead trees have also been removed, which has really opened up visibility into the park.

"Now when you drive down Okemos Road, Wonch Park really stands out. I've said for a number of years that you can drive down Okemos and you really don't notice the park, there's really nothing there to draw your eye into the park. Not now, not now, things are much better there," said LuAnn Maisner, Director of Parks and Recreation.

The Wonch Park pavilion, which had been there since 1978, was removed in order to put in a new pavilion. The new pavilion will be placed closer to the parking-lot, making it easier to access than the old pavilion.

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