Local Author Holds Book Signing

Local Author Holds Book Signing

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Jane Rose, Executive Director of the Meridian Historical Village was at the Haslett Library on October 28th. She spoke in depth about her new book, "Images of America, Meridian Township."

The Images of America series is published by Arcadia Publishing and take a look into the histories of different small towns and downtowns across the country. There are different books, all based in different locations, and now Meridian Township has one.

The book features vintage images of Meridian township, giving readers a glimpse into what used to reside in their beloved community.

Jane Rose takes us on an adventure into the history of Meridian Township, dating back to it's very beginning. Back when Lake Lansing was named Pine Lake, which was a popular name for lakes in Michigan back then.

Pioneers appeared around 1836, and started turning the area in to farm land. It was in the late nineteenth century that James Haslett helped to establish a community which was based on the practices of spiritualism.

You can find out a lot more about Meridian Township's history by checking out "Images of America, Meridian Township" from the Haslett library, ordering it online, or visiting the Meridian Historical Village.

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