Geocaching Flash Mob

Geocaching Flash Mob

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Historical Village was the site of a geocaching flash mob this weekend, where nearly fifty geocachers gathered to honor the veterans that serve our country.

Local geocacher, Midge Morrow organized the Flash mob through, where members can share cache locations, events, and photos. Morrow describes geocaching as "treasure hunters using GPS devices and multi-billion dollar government satellites to locate "caches," which can range from a pocket-sized container to a large barrel. Anyone can sign up to be a member, which means anyone can organize their own flash mob or event.

“We decided this year that we should do an '11-11-11,' because you don’t get that many of those dates. And it was Veteran’s day so we decided to give it a whole patriotic theme to honor our troops and thank them for everything they do,” says Morrow.

After everyone in the flash mob received a commemorative pin and American flag, two group photos were taken.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A Geocaching Flash Mob, took place in the Historical Village this past weekend. Get the details on Meridian Magazine.

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