Action of Greater Lansing Discusses Community Issues

Action of Greater Lansing Discusses 
Community Issues

LANSING - Action of Greater Lansing is a faith-based organization which works toward dealing with the root causes of community problems by organizing for systemic change.

Reverend Fred Thelen, co-president of Action of Greater Lansing described the organization. "We are a faith-based organization that calls together over nineteen congregations and organizations in the Greater Lansing area to work on issues of justice in the city."

Action of Greater Lansing has been organized in many different areas including, immigration rights, children's health, disability rights, housing and education.

"We organize on a grassroots level and build relationships with city officials and call on them to take action on issues," said Thelen.

Reverend Dr. Melvin T. Jones is the Pastor of the Union Missionary Baptist Church, President of the Greater Lansing Clergy Forum and Co President of Action of Greater Lansing.

"We've been very successful with forming a centralized system for children's healthcare. I think, for me, that's one of the most important things that we've done," said Jones.

Children's Health, Equity and Access (CHEA) was created to improve local health care access for chronically ill children in the Lansing area by working with Sparrow physicians to co-locate all children's sub-specialty clinics.

When we stand up and call for justice on an issue people listen and officials listen," said Thelen.

Jones spoke on how CHEA works with The Davies Project. "We try to provide transportation for poor people who need that help, to get children to various services. What we're hoping is that in the very near future all the specialty care services will be in one area so that there will be total access for children who have those particular needs."

"We try to provide uplift for people especially those who are living at the margins so that there's hope of a more equatable society where all people matter. And where their voice can also be heard stronger than the lobbying voices in government," said Jones.

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