Mobil Food Units Up For Discussion

Mobil Food Units Up For Discussion

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Mobil food units are becoming a trend in the mid-Michigan area and slowly moving into the Township. The Township's policy on mobil food units is unclear and operators of the food units are confused.

Over the last four months there's been several requests by operators to locate in the Township. Staff require a vendor's license and a temporary outdoor-use permit. However, previsions of both these permits do not specifically address mobil food units.

The questions that remains is what is the Township's policy on mobil food units and where can these units go?

"I've watched them navigate through your policy and your ordinances and they've had a really tough time, so I'm here asking you to act on creating a policy that is more structured and better fit for small businesses," said Ann Chaffey, a property owner on the corner of Haslett and Marsh Roads.

There are four potential policies for the board, but they also can add new ones of their own. The policies are to continue the combination vendor license and outdoor-use permit requirement, amend the vendor ordinance to address mobil food units, add mobil food units to the zoning ordinance, and lastly, draft new non-zoning regulations in a new article in chapter 38 of the code of ordinances.

The policy is still up for discussion. The board wants to learn more about the policy options in detail before any decisions are made.

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