100 Women Who Care Donate to Gateway Youth Services

100 Women Who Care Donate to Gateway 
Youth Services

EAST LANSING - On Tuesday, Sept 15, the 100 Women Who Care organization held one of their 4 meetings of the year at the University Club in Lansing. Members of the organization are required to bring at least $100 per meeting, which the organization then pools together for a donation. Members can nominate a charity and make a presentation before the members hold a vote to decide where the money will go.

"We learn so much just from hearing those discussions or those nominations. There are groups that I’ve never heard of until we started this," said Co-Partner Rose Zack. "So it’s a good way to find out what’s going on in our community, the good work that so many people are doing.”

The group started with just 47 members and has grown now to over 190. At the Sept 15 meeting, the group voted to donate the funds to gateway youth services.

Additional Resources
For information on joining you can visit their website at www.greaterlansing100womenwhocare.com.

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