Okemos Increases School Security

Okemos Increases School Security

OKEMOS - As kids are heading back to school soon, Okemos has continued promoting safety with new add-ons to to school buildings.

Over the last months, Okemos schools has upgraded and expanded their exterior electronic lock system.

The system is tied into the Okemos network allowing for centralized control and lock downs. The locks have been installed on all of the classrooms, offices, libraries, and more to allow for individualized and centralized control of internal lock downs within the buildings.

In addition to that, an increased number of security cameras have been added throughout the district. The cameras will provide surveillance of all entry areas, halls, cafeterias, parking lots/drives and playgrounds. In case of an emergency, the newly expanded security system will help outside agencies manage any situation.

Okemos Superintendent said prior to the school year, the district will analyze existing security plan and processes to ensure the new technology is accounted for along with the newly enhanced capabilities.

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