MSU Basketball Players Get Extra Practice in Moneyball League

MSU Basketball Players Get Extra 
Practice in Moneyball League

LANSING - The 12th Annual Moneyball Pro-Am Summer League featuring current and former professional and collegiate basketball players takes place all throughout the summer in Michigan, attending the games is free. The Moneyball league focuses on providing a positive form of recreation and entertainment that uplifts the community. Moneyball brings people all throughout Lansing together every Tuesday and Thursday night to watch these basketball stars play.

Michigan State Forward, Lourawls 'Tum Tum' Narin Jr. says, "ever since losing in the Final Four, I see every opportunity to play basketball as an opportunity to get ourselves to a national championship." Tum Tum uses Moneyball to improve his basketball skills as well as meet young fans after the games.

Moneyball took place at Aim High in Dimondale, MI and ended August 6th, but many, like Tum Tum, MSU athletes saw Moneyball as a way to prep for the season.

"Moneyball is a lot of fun but on the same note you have to take it seriously because it's your time to showcase what you've been working on all summer and get ready for the season," said Michigan State forward, Gavin Schilling.

The Moneyball League wants to maintain winning ways and proud traditions. The long-term goal is to continue to raise money for youth in Michigan for many years to come.

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