Okemos Football Virtue Camp

Okemos Football Virtue Camp

OKEMOS - Okemos High School's football program preps for the season a little differently than other schools might.

Head Coach Jack Wallace has created a Virtue Camp that happens every year with the Okemos football program. Four speakers come and talk to the players about specific virtues that the team should focus on this season.

Two of the virtues discussed during the camp were sacrifice and dependability. Chris Kelenske, who serves as commander for the Michigan State Police, spoke to the Okemos football teams and reiterated how important it is to keep promises, be prompt, and be honest. All three of these suggestions were based off dependability.

"These speakers shared their past experiences on how we could come together as a team, not only football lessons, but teaching us how to support each other, to trust each other," said team captain Edward Brennan.

The day of the Virtue Camp didn't only consist of speakers, but a full day of activities like swimming, videos, bon fires, and a team sleep over on the football field. Okemos football will continue to train and prep for the season and team chemistry will not be overlooked.

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