Local Grocery Store Dedicated To Providing Local Food

Local Grocery Store Dedicated To 
Providing Local Food

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - When it comes to local food, Michigan has a lot to offer. A local grocery store is a good way to stock up on various local items at one time.

Assistant Store Manager at Monticello's, Rachel Fields said, "Local, Fresh, Best is one of our logos and we stand behind it whole-heartedly"

Monticello's Market & Butcher Block has been offering a wide selection of Michigan made products since it first came to the community two years ago.

Their local selection offers well know Michigan brands like Better Made and Jones Soda as well as entrepreneur vendors like Lori Baetz, Owner of Bakenista.

Baetz said, "This store promotes Michigan products and entrepreneurs like me because during the day I work for the City Of East Lansing, Engineering Technician, so they give me a fantastic form to come in , sell my products, get my name out there."

Gary Bremer, also known as Grandpa G, works in the store's produce department. He also has a product in-store called "Grandpa G's Dressing."

Passionate about the quality of his product Grandpa G said, "I can't produce as much as some of these bigger companies can, but I can tell you one thing; I produce a better product than they do and with no preservatives in there that are harmful to your body."

It's no secret that supporting local business and buying local products is good for Michigan's economy; but in doing so you could be supporting something else. You're also supporting someone's local dream!

Field's share that it was her parents dream to have their own grocery store and business is growing everyday.

As for Grandpa G he said, "My thought's about the whole business itself is that I'm trying to build something for my granddaughters. I want them to be able to take over, feel proud about their heritage, so that's where I'm at with everything."

Monticello's is always expanding their selection of local food. You can visit the store during Sample Saturday's to talk with many of their vendors and sample products.

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