What Farmers Do With Unsold Crops

What Farmers Do With Unsold Crops

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In order for a farmer to prepare to sell at the Meridian Farmers' Market, it can can take up to several days of harvesting and packing items they're hoping to sell.

The Meridian Farmers' Market offers many foods and vendors for guest to choose from and with so many options it's not always possible for a farmer to sell everything.

So what happens to some of the items that do not get sold?

Chelsa Ashley from Green Eagle Farm said, "Things like the potatoes, the garlic, and the shallots are things we can store; but other things like the cucumbers and the zucchini you know we don't have enough room and we usually stop by the mission or Volunteers of American. They take things for feeding people in the community. So we deliver, Steve is usually the one who drops it off, and boxes sometimes of fresh greens things that don't store so well. "

Eagle Green Farm isn't the only one who doesn't like to see food go to waste. Denis Greenman from Greenman Fresh Produce said, "Last thing I like to do is see us work hard to raise a crop and then throw it away and I see that happening in different places so early on when we started we donated to the food banks and we like seeing it go that, way to help out."

Greenman went on to say the local food bank stops by their farm twice a week in Holt, MI to pick up any donations.

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