Great Turnout at Music in the Village Despite Rainy Conditions

Great Turnout at Music in the Village Despite Rainy Conditions

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The rain didn't stop Meridian Township residents from attending the first Music in the Village of the summer on Wednesday, June 17th.

Concert-goers gathered in the Meridian Historical Village's Chapel to hear local music from the Gracewood Singers and Heartland Klezmorim despite the rainy conditions.

The free Wednesday night music series has been a staple of the Meridian Township area for the last 20 years, but recent changes have been made. The title has recently been changed from "Music in the Park" to "Music in the Village" to bring some originality to the title of the concert series, and the Chapel now provides a shelter in the case of rain like this week.

Diane Grettenberger, who has been a Meridian resident for decades has organized the series for years and was pleased to see the Chapel being put to good use. "We've had the Klezmorum group before and we love them because they're so lively and it's just such happy music and it was nice tonight because previously we didn't have the church. That was built a few years ago so now, if it rains, we can still have a concert," said Grettenberger.

Ironically or fatefully, in efforts to avoid the curse of rain that follows the first Music in the Village of each year, the Meridian Community Band was scheduled for the second performance of the series- next week on June 24th.

"But we didn't have the Meridian Band first like we usually do [on the first night] because they've been rained out several times and there are a big number of people and you can't fit them in the church so it turned out well tonight and we had a good showing in spite of the rain which I found delightful," said Grettenberger. Head chairperson and organizer Bob Vince was surprised at the turnout as well.

Those who wish to attend future Music in the Village events can find the performance schedule at the Meridian Historical Village website.

Residents are urged to bring a blanket, lawn chair, and picnic supper but popcorn, lemonade, and ice cream are available for a small fee.

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