State Police Encourages Vacation Emergency Preparedness

State Police Encourages Vacation 
Emergency Preparedness

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Whether it's disaster, weather, or health-related, the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) encourages residents to plan ahead and be prepared for emergencies that may happen while on vacation.

“Summer is typically the time of year when individuals and families take extended vacations and road trips,” said Capt. Chris A. Kelenske, Deputy State Director of MSP/EMHSD. “Whether traveling across the state or nation, you should prepare in advance for all types of emergencies or disasters that could affect your vacation. A little planning could be a lifesaver if a disaster strikes while away from home.”

Before leaving for a trip, the MSP/EMHSD advises that residents know all weather-related emergencies and disasters that are common to the vacation destination; know safe shelter locations and evacuation routes at campgrounds, hotels or resorts; pack a travel-size emergency preparedness kit that includes water, snacks, first aid kit, and hand-crank flashlight and radio; develop an emergency communications plan for everyone traveling in the group; and download American Red Cross mobile apps to a smart phone.

During the trip, the MSP/EMHSD advises that residents monitor the weather forecast along travel routes at all times; have someone check on or take care of pets in case severe weather or a disaster strikes; always keep vehicle’s fuel tank above half full; have a map and become familiar with the area of your destination; keep a vehicle preparedness kit in the car at all times that includes a hand-crank radio, hand-crank flashlight, cell phone charger, blankets, extra clothes, tire repair kit and pump, flares, jumper cables, and a “call police” or “help” sign.

Lieutenant Kevin Mark stated that some common mistakes people make before leaving on vacation is not planning for the weather.

"Some things you want to keep are some blankets, you want to keep flares, you want to keep jumper cables... those type of things where you're not really going to have to rely on somebody else, but that you can actually take care of yourself if you run into a situation during an emergency," said Lt. Kevin Mark.

In addition, the MSP/EMHSD has created a Family Preparedness Guide to help families and residents develop an emergency plan. The guide includes valuable, life-saving information such as how to assemble an emergency supply kit and important telephone numbers for emergency assistance.

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