A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It was a day of tradition.

"Particularly it's tough on the families and the individual soldiers who passed away. Those who are left behind are left with the memories," said Terry Carroll of Okemos who did a tour in the in the United States Air Force during the Cold War.

Since 1868, the third Monday of May, Memorial Day, has been a day celebrated nation wide to remember the fallen soldiers who've risked their lives for the freedom of the United States citizens. 

"Those who served put themselves in danger, and because you're in risky situations you have the opportunity to lose your life," said Louis Burgess, keynote speaker of this years Memorial Day ceremony. "Most of them did that freely, and we honor that today."

And while Meridian Township has only been putting this event on for two decades, the turnout continually increases.

"We now have the largest crowd that I'm aware of that we ever had," said Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus, the coordinator of this year's event.

With the sound of the bagpipe, a few young Color Guards, music, and unforgettable speech, people took the time to remember the loved ones they had lost.

"The hardest part is remembering good friends you've lost," said James Pocock, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam in 1966.

And while Memorial Day is a time to honor the fallen soldiers who fought for our nation, others such as fire and policemen were also remembered for their bravery of protecting the community.

Haslett resident Lynn Hecko and her family come out ever year, as a salute to her father who died four years ago.

"He was a state police man for 25 years and that's service too," Hecko said.

So whether people came to respect the Military or other legal enforcement units, the day was a day to remember.

"It's just a time to remember, a time of paying honor," Hecko said.

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