Ready to Walk Again

Ready to Walk Again

LANSING - Laura Hall and Christine Kanuszewski have worked together before.

"Laura came to me in 2007 at what time she had not walked in 6 years," says Kanuszewski.

They worked together for about 11 months Hall says, adding "she kinda brought me from the point where i wasn't really ambulating or doing anything to walking the length of a football field."

Laura eventually stopped physical therapy, Chris moved and went on to start ARCH physical therapy and Sports Medicine in Lansing.

Laura's ability to walk lessened throughout the years and 6 years later they crossed paths again.

Kanuszewski says it is not uncommon for people to lose some of the progress gained after leaving therapy.

"She lived alone and didn't have some of the resources she needed to keep going with it so like most people that don't have resources they decline, but she came and said I'm ready to walk again," she says.

When Hall decided to walk again she instantly thought of going back to Kanuszewski.

Hall says, "I'm not the tradition PT patient so we have to improvise and do somethings and she already knows that so that's why I decided to come back."

When patients like Hall go to arch physical therapy creativity is key, not only is it important for her to do strength and balance training, but obstacle training as well.

"Being creative is really really important when you're doing something with somebody because you need to know what their lifestyle is and what do they need to accomplish and put it in some sort of exercise for them," says Kanuszewski.

While people with physical disabilities need physical therapy to facilitate every day life, not everyone can afford to keep going. Usually once grade school is over, patients are left on their own.

Hall says, "As a child I received physical therapy once a week and that was something that was included in with the school system. and once you're out of the school system you're kind of on your own with physical therapy."

People in need of physical therapy usually pay for it using their insurance, most insurance companies however only pay up to certain amount.

"They typically pay for it for people that are rehabbing back from a surgery or some sort of industry but they don't think of the benefit of paying for physical therapy to just maintain your functioning," says Hall.

She wanted to do physical therapy again because she wanted to improve my physical health. Something she can already feel getting better.

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