CATA Promotes Clean Commute Day

CATA Promotes Clean Commute Day

LANSING - The second Annual Clean Commute Day is coming up on Friday, and many business and political leaders in the area came together on Monday at the CATA transportation center for a kickoff event. The event was sponsored by CATA Clean Commute Options, Biggby coffee, and the Lansing State Journal.

“Really trying to get people out of their single occupancy automobiles, and into multiple modes of transportation. Whether that be public transportation through CATA, whether it be biking, carpooling with co workers, walking to work if its adjacent to your home, anything outside of driving yourself," said CATA Clean Commute Options Coordinator Joe Fedewa. " So the idea is to really cut down on traffic congestion and improve air quality in the region.”

The event hoped to raise awareness and gain as many pledges as possible to travel clean to work, school, or other destinations on Friday.

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