Pass It Forward Passes Along Kindness

Pass It Forward Passes Along Kindness

EAST LANSING - ePIFanyNow hosted their annual pass-it-forward party on Sunday May 3, 2015 at MSUFCU.

Over 100 participants gathered to hear an inspirational speech from founder, Bob Hoffman and were given 100 idea before being sent out to try their hand at pass-it-forward.

Hoffman said, "So many times people think I can't make a difference and you can make a difference just with one other interaction, with one other person you can make a huge difference, OR NOT! And so what we want to do is encourage you to make that difference."

After a few hour everyone returned back to MSUFCU to share their experiences from that day.
Participants were also encouraged to share their stories through social media.

Hoffman also went on to given a special thanks to MSUFCU for being long time supports of the ePIFanyNOW and hosting the event.

Additional Resources
Their event is free and open to the public. For more information can be found at their website,

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