LEAP Strives To Inspire Creativity With Public Art Grants

LEAP Strives To Inspire Creativity With Public Art Grants

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In 2012 the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) started a grant program to encourage Lansing area communities to look at their public art placement in their downtown areas.

Communities are asked to adopt a public art policy ordnance, as well as look at security safety, and maintenance. They can they apply for a grant and in return be awarded with $10,000 to bring new art work to their downtown area.
Grants are awarded to three communities in the spring and they are ask to have their pieces in the ground by the late fall before the first snow fall.

As for what artwork is chosen is completely up to the community and what they think will work best.
Leap started this program with the intent to show the Lansing Area's culture, diversity, and that we like to have a little fun.

Sara Parkinson, LEAP's Director of Talent & Communications said, "We wanted to work with communities to try to attack the talent that they need for our corporations and our companies by telling the story of a creative community, and that's exactly what this program has done."

So far LEAP has given out 11 grants to 10 different communities.

Meridian Township has been awarded the grant in the past, but did not apply this year due to try to obtain find the right location downtown for some new art. LEAP said they do believe Meridian Township will apply for the grant next year.

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