New Legislature is Being Proposed to Fix "Loophole" in Gun Law

New Legislature is Being Proposed to Fix

LANSING - Current law disallows concealed carry in places such as schools, but at the same time allows open carry.

Obviously this is a problem," said Michigan State Senator Rick Jones. "It gets people very upset, I don't agree with it, I don't think there's any reason to open carry in a school."

There are both Republicans and Democrats that have an issue with the current law regarding concealed and open carry in schools. However, they both have different opinions on solving the matter

"Now there's been a number of attempts to change the law, and one of them was senator mike green, and that was that you can conceal carry with the proper licensing and training," said Sen. (R) Rick Jones.

The Senator's bill also includes increased training for those wishing to conceal carry in gun free zones, but a bill proposed by Representative (D) Andy Schor would ban guns altogether.

“My bill would remove the ability to openly carry a gun in a sensitive area such as a school,” said Rep. Schor.

"I believe that it's a good idea to get rid of open carry in schools and places like that, that get people very upset and replace it with only highly trained concealed pistol carry," said Sen. Jones

With both parties agreeing to disallow open carry, the argument now focuses on whether or not to allow concealed carry, which Representative Schor believes would only create more problems in the case of a school shooting.

"If you have people who are there with guns, whether openly or conceal carry, and they shoot the shooter, then the cops are gonna shoot the good guy, and it’s more bullets flying in a place where our kids are and we should just be getting them out," said Rep. Schor. "So this would in essence keep those gun free zones gun free whether openly or concealed carry."

Both parties claim that their bills are receiving heavy support, but only time will tell which bill, if any, will make it’s way into law.

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