Firefighters Gather for Hands On Hazmat Training

Firefighters Gather for Hands On Hazmat Training

DIMONDALE - Firefighters from all over the state, out of state, and even some from Canada. went through hands on training regarding hazardous materials. The training has been taking place since Monday at the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center in Dimondale. The training is meant to bring the firefighters out of the classroom and give them hands on experience.

“This morning what they're doing is they're broken down into groups, and they're kinda going around and they’re experiencing different type of hazardous material transports, they have a gasoline trailer here, they have a propane, they have another simulator with different valves on it, and then obviously rail car,” said Lieutenant Kevin Mark of the Michigan State Police.

Workers from DOW Chemical and Corrigan Oil were present on Monday, and provided equipment to aid in the training. At the end of the week long course on Friday, the firefighters will then have to take an exam on what they learned.

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