70th Basic Fire Investigation School Trains New Arson Detectives

70th Basic Fire Investigation School 
Trains New Arson Detectives

LANSING - The Michigan State Police hosted their 70th Basic Fire Investigation School.

Both Fire and Police departments from all over the state participated in order to complete their first steps towards becoming a certified fire investigators.

The two week school began in late March and will conclude Friday, April 3, 2015. Veteran detectives and experts provided students with knowledge and instruction concerning fire scene preservation and investigation.

Delhi Township Assistant Fire Chief & Fire Marshall Brad Drury said overall the students should takeaway, "To basically become very consistent in how they conduct their investigations, understand the properties of fire and how it behaves in different structures, your fuel loads and really get down to the basic on tying to apply it scientifically."

During their class on April 2nd, students received a hands on experience by conducting a mock investigation at a burned down home.

This was also a opportunity for students to practice interacting with the media and answering questions during under a circumstance like this.

The MSP conduct this school twice a year and are the only accredited Basic Fire Investigation School in Michigan.

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