LCC Holds Voter Registration Drive

LCC Holds Voter Registration Drive

LANSING - As the May 5th Special Election approaches, Lansing Community College and several area organizations teamed up to raise the percent of people who will be able to vote at the polls.

Students, staff, and community members gathered at LCC Gannon Building on April 1st for a voter registration drive. The drive was the first step to get people involved in decisions regarding the state.

"It is so important to vote or to register to vote because you get to have a voice," Maria Van Core, President, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement said. "You have it, you're eligible, please use it, don't lose it because it's going to be in termoil, our country's going to be in termoil because nobody's expressing their voice."

Voters in Michigan will be called to take a stance for or against an increase in Michigan Road Funding. Road funding is one of many items on the ballot, and, if approved, it would increase Michigan's sales tax from six-to-seven percent. If you would like to register to vote, the deadline is April 6th.

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