Changes in Store for Meridian Mall

Changes in Store for Meridian Mall

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Online shopping has caused some consumers to give malls the cold shoulder.

But Meridian Mall just keeps getting hotter.

"We added a number of large boxes," said Meridian Mall General Manager Larry Parsons. "Shoe Carnival, Planet Fitness has done extremely well in their first 13 months of being open here, they're real happy with the numbers that they've reached in membership, H&M of course, the biggest coo that we had in bringing them to the Lansing market. "

Businesses like Planet Fitness and H&M have allowed Meridian Mall to thrive at a time when shopping malls as awhile are declining in popularity.

"Looking around the country at these malls, you know, malls are demolishing, they're going away, they're closing," said Meridian Township Associate Planner Meter Menser. "There's just a big mall I think out in Detroit that they decided that they're going to close, so it's really kind of, it's innovative that this mall is not only continuing to attract new tenants like the H&M last year, but that they're actually adding on."

Menser was referring to the Northland Center Mall in Southfield. Northland mall was the first major shopping center development in metro Detroit post World War II and was iconic for its role in pushing major retailer Hudson's into the suburbs. A judge recently approved a plan to shut the shopping center down in April 2015.

The newest addition to Meridian Mall is the Omaha, Neb.-based Gordman's, an apparel and home decor store similar to Marshall's or TJ Maxx slated to open in June 2015.

The Meridian Mall Gordman's will be the fourth in Michigan, with the other three located in Muskegon, Saginaw, and Grandville. It is currently in the process of interior construction.

Meridian Mall is a whole is expanding, but there are several businesses that have left, including Radio Shack and a number of juniors apparel stores. Most of these departures are do to corporate-wide financial struggles of specific retailers.

"When you have 100 stores, you're always going to have turnover and that's really a healthy thing because it gives us an opportunity to fine-tune our merchandise mix and hopefully bring in a use that's more attuned with our shoppers at the time." Parsons said.

Management and Township officials are hopeful that Meridian Mall's positive growth will continue, as it is a center of economic activity for the community.

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