ITC Gives $5,000 to Meridian Township for Tree Planting

ITC Gives $5,000 to Meridian Township 
for Tree Planting

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - 20 trees were planted around the Municipal Building last year with the grant from ITC, an electricity transmission company based in Michigan. This year, it has come again. The Customer Relations & Community Education Manager Luba Sitar gave a presentation to the Township Board meeting on Feb. 17 on "right tree right place" and delivered a $5,000 check to the Township for tree planting.

Luba Sitar emphasized the importance of planting vegetation in recent years considering climate change.

"With the extreme weather events hitting Michigan, we are finding that the "right tree right place" philosophy is becoming more and more critical. As many of our mature trees are coming to diseases and weather events, we have the opportunity to plant with that in mind, and with sensible diversity throughout our communities," said Sitar.

Sitar said ITC is also partnering with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and several other organizations to raise fund to the "right tree right place" program.

Trustee John Veenstra expressed his gratitude to the donation on behalf of the Township Board.

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