Haslett High School Black Student Union Educates, Builds Friendships

Haslett High School Black Student Union 
Educates, Builds Friendships

HASLETT - Pizza, games, and serious discussions about issues facing the African-American community aren't exactly a common combination among high school students.

This isn't the case for Haslett High School's Black Student Union.

The Haslett High School Black Student Union is in its first year as a club. The group is made up of students of many races-not just African-Americans. These students have tackled mature subjects such as colorism and the Ferguson shootings.

"We're focusing on topics that a lot of people are afraid to talk about," said President Kikel Sekoni. "Also we're trying to take those topics and make a difference and try to make (members) resolve them."

Haslett High School's Black Student Union was founded almost entirely by the individuals whose name it bears: students.

'I helped start, but a couple of the students approached me about possibly advising it," said Club Advisor Heather Woodworth. "So they really were the catalyst to start the club."

Many of the members have become friends. They regularly hold movie nights and other bonding activities.

In addition, they have attended events such as Michigan State's Slavery to Freedom lecture series and will be taking a trip to The Museum of African-American History in Detroit as part of Black History Month.

The officers of the club said these events, discussions and even the games all have a common goal of educating members and getting them comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.

"The most rewarding part about being a part of the black student union is probably seeing everybody learning something new, something about the African-American culture that they hadn't known before stepping into the room," said Vice President Marvin Williams.

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