Two Weeks of Vacation for MSU Football

Two Weeks of Vacation for MSU Football

EAST LANSING - Michigan State University football players enjoyed the first two weeks of the New Year celebrating their Cotton Bowl victory with family and friends. As training for a new season begins, team physicians and trainers work to get the players fully healed and in better shape than ever.

"The athletes have a very close relationship with our certified athletic trainers and our staff athletic trainers." Michigan State's Director of Sports Medicine and Performance, Dr. Jeffrey Kovan said, "Based on their findings, and otherwise, then they will have us step in and kind of help coordinate the care and discuss further treatment."

While monitored closely during the season, some players choose to deal with the pain.

"Many of them have been nursing injuries all season long," Dr. Kovan said. "We try to maintain them all season long.

"We have some athletes who need surgeries, who they have been holding off on," Michigan State football head athletic trainer Dr. Sally Nogle said. "Last week, we did a few surgeries."

"And then they will start the rehabilitation program," Dr. Nogle said. "They will work them gradually in there."

During the off-season, healthy players can still find themselves in the doctor's office.

"We'll see them for anything related to an injury of: a muscle pull, tear, strain," Dr. Kovan said. "[For] Ramping up too quickly without a slow progression."

For those who are already relatively healthy, the time to build up strength for another season is right around the corner.

"They will start back heavy lifting weights soon, to get stronger." Dr. Nogle said. "Then in February, we start our winter training program which then is: agility training, speed training, along with the strength training."

As for pro prospects like Trae Waynes, often their agents will have a place in mind for them to prepare for the upcoming NFL Combine. Facilities in Florida, California and Michigan are common for Michigan State players to train at.

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