Okemos Football Playoffs

Okemos Football Playoffs

OKEMOS - Carmin Ainsworth Middle School was the host of the playoff matchup, but the weather kept fans from both sides indoors.

Okemos football even brought out some heaters to try and keep the players and equipment from freezing.

The game started off tight as both teams were working hard to gain their footing on the frozen tundra.

Miscues didn't help the Cheiftans either as drops would bog down their offense even further.

There were a few bright spots as the Chieftans managed to block a punt right after a Flint Carmin touchdown but were unable to get any points and stalled on 4th down.

Late in the game the Cheiftans had one more surge of momentum as they picked off the Cavaliers and on the ensuing play completed a huge double pass.... only to have the ball fumbled and recovered by Flint Carmin.

This was a bitter end to a storybook season that saw the Chieftans roar back from a 2-3 start. Final Score: Flint Carmin 27 Okemos 0.

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