Halloween Treats in Meridian Township

Halloween Treats in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Its Halloween season and Meridian Township had a few treats to offer families last weekend.

Many local buildings such as the HOMTV studio and Police station among others set up in preparation for Meridian Township Celebrates Halloween, an event which took place on Saturday, October 25th.

Families flock from all over to Meridian Township for the abundance of free events. One of the fan favorites year after year is the one at Harris Nature Center.

Haslett resident Melissa Rosenburg has come to the Halloween celebration for the last three years.

"We love the Halloween day! Harris Nature Center is probably our favorite part, we love the friendly forest, and the hayride, and the games. Its my sons favorite part of Halloween," she said.

Halloween Adventures at the nature center began at 10 am and went on throughout the day until 5 pm. Harris Nature Center added their own unique twist to traditional Halloween activities.

Kit Rich, Coordinator of the Harris Nature Center, said, "The biggest thing is we like to bring nature into Halloween."

They do this through activities such as the Pumpkin PiƱata made out of real pumpkins, the friendly forest, and a campfire and s'mores accompanied by story telling.

"The community seems to love it and they always come out for it, people seem to want to be a part of it," Rich said.

The event is ran mostly by volunteers who choose to give up a Saturday and join in the fun.

One of the volunteers this year was Taylor Jollif a student from Michigan State University.

Jollif said, "I love Volunteering. Its fun to interact with the community. The kids are so fun and they're so cute. and I think it really benefits the community."

Kids participating in the event received candy and prizes, there were also games, a hayride, and a fun house. Other events throughout the township were held at the Farmers Market, the Historical Village, the Fire and Police Station, and at the HOMTV Studios.

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