Program Helps Feed Those in Need

Program Helps Feed Those in Need

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Imagine not being able to afford food, or being physically unable to prepare meals and feed yourself. These are issues some senior citizens face on a daily basis. Meals on Wheels is a service that is trying to help fix this problem.

"Meals on Wheels is a program that primarily provides hot, nutritious meals to seniors," said Carl Buonodono, Nutrition Director at the Tri-County Office on Aging. "It's huge. We this year alone will serve over five hundred thousand meals."

Meals on Wheels provides miles of smiles by feeding citizens, but that's not all the assistance they bring to the table.

"Our volunteers do wellness checks. That's checking in on seniors to make sure that they're doing okay," said Buonodono. "It's sometimes the only social interaction they might have in the course of the day. Companionship is really important to our seniors."

While this program is important to the community, it struggles to find funding. Meridian Township contributed $2000 this year.

"Meridian Township is very generous," said Buonodono. "We receive funding on an annual basis. Enough funding actually to cover 400 meals for the year. So that's a pretty significant contribution and we greatly appreciate it."

Meals on Wheels works to keep senior citizens fed and full.

Volunteers and donations are needed to keep the program wheeling on.

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If you are interested in helping, you can visit the Tri County Office On Aging website:

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