Safety Tips for Crime Prevention Awareness Month

Safety Tips for Crime Prevention Awareness Month

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It is October, or as some call it, Crime Prevention Awareness month.

It's just a way to remind people to be aware of crime prevention in their community and for folks to learn more about crime prevention and to help keep themselves safe," said Meridian Township Police Lieutenant Greg Frenger.

And here in Meridian Township, officials are promoting issues such as property theft, and victimization while creating awareness of personal safety.

"If people see something going on or see groups of kids in their neighborhood after dark they're typically not up to anything good, so they should call and we'll come check out whats going on," Frenger added.

Residents can protect themselves from falling victim of crime by making sure home and car doors are locked and personal values are out of plain sight.

The Meridian Township Police Department said that if you see something out of the ordinary, its important to report it. However residents should also be aware that not all crime is something physically seen.

"There's more money to be made in criminal cyber activity then there is in a lot of other criminal activity," Frenger added.

To further promote awareness, every year, police officers team up with area school teachers to speak on the treating issue.

"We talk about the appropriate usage of technology and what happens when you use it inappropriately or you use it such a way where you use share personal information which at many times lead to some difficult situations for them," said Haslett High School Principal Bart Wejenke.

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