Digging Away

Digging Away

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - They dig together, plant together and grow together. Since year 2000 Meridian Township residents joined together forming a club for the love of one simple thing —gardening.

The Meridian Garden club features more than 70 members who volunteer their time to upkeep various gardens around the township.

"Thank goodness we have these volunteers that spend so many hours and so many days weeding and selecting the flowers and really making things look good for all of the residents to enjoy," said Meridian Township Parks and Land Management Coordinator Jane Greenway. “If it weren't for these groups we would never have such pretty gardens in Meridian Township."

And when the garden club is not volunteering their time, club member Sue Wittick said the group meets monthly from September to May to share tips on new ways to get their hands dirty.

"Were interested in floral culture, horticultural, care of the environment, floral designs so our speakers tend to focus on those areas," said Wittick.

The group uses field trips like going to the MSU recycling center as a way to stay connected with members as well as educational purposes.

"The recycling of what we use is something we should be interested in,” said club member Mary Louhatfield.

The club will host its first meeting on the third Monday in September and looks to expand their membership.

"No matter what their talents are they would be welcomed in the club and we would find a use for them,” Wittick said. “We do so many different things.”

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