Van Atta Road Bridge Final Stages

Van Atta Road Bridge Final Stages

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After the tearing down of Van Atta Bridge, a new replacement will feature a sidewalk and canoe launch just above the red cedar river. this one-hundred foot-bridge is just awaiting some finishing touches.

"Well, we're hoping to get open before July Fourth," Engineering Technician Mark Swanson said.

"It will be that week at best, if we’re held up it will be due to the guard rail. we do have some fencing going in along the pedestrian pathway, and there just minor items right now, but due to the safety concerns, we’ll have to keep it closed until all of our safety measures are in place."

The construction was first slated to begin in late January, but because of a long winter and plenty of rainy days, the estimated date of completion changed from early June to early July.

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