The Eagle Takes Flight

The Eagle Takes Flight

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - You've heard the eagle has landed, well this eagle is just taking off.

At the Park Commission meeting last Tuesday, an Okemos High School student, Ryan Nussdorfer, proposed his Eagle Scout project.

His goal is to build a 36 foot long board walk on the Redtwig Pass Trail at North Meridian Park in order to make the trail useable during wet seasons.

In order to complex this project Nussadorfer had to get it approved by the Commission and get some help.

"I would contact my extended family and my boy scout troop to get some people. Hopefully around 20 people would be great to get the project done," he said.

While the Commission unanimously passed Nussadorfer's proposal, he still needs to get it approved by his troop.

Once started he estimates the project would take about a week to complete.

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