Home Energy Assistance Cuts

Home Energy Assistance Cuts

UPDATE: LANSING - President Obama's proposal to cut funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program by 50 percent is now being considered by Congress.

This grant program assists 1.2 million low income households in Michigan and the proposed cut would leave the state with one hundred twenty million less dollars to help heat these homes.

This would mean that funding for this program would be cut in half and people who previously benefited from this program may not anymore. If the program loses funding, the upcoming winter months could become tough for some people.

Sheila Miller, a Lansing Resident thinks the program is necessary especially in a state such as Michigan where it gets so cold in the winter. "It's vital to have enough food in your stomach and to be warm enough and I'm assuming the money is going towards people who really need help," said Miller.

If Obama's proposal is approved, Michigan will either have to cut the number of eligible homes for heating or try and reduce the level of heating assistance.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Home energy assistance cuts are on the chopping block for some residents and it could lead to a cold winter for some. The grant currently assists 1.2 million low income households in Michigan and if his cut proposal is passed by congress, 120 million less dollars would be provided to assist these families.

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