School Budget Cuts

School Budget Cuts

UPDATE: OKEMOS - The Okemos School Board took these budget cut concerns to the community and shared some of the shortfalls that could come from these cuts. Fortunately they were able to receive financial assistance from the state.

Okemos Public School Director of Finance, Bob Clark, stated, "...things did change, we got some relief from the state which ended up being more than 800,000 dollars that we originally expected. We were able to balance it for this current fiscal year."

All of these cuts affected the classroom and there was a reduction in textbook purchases as well as some technology cuts

Clark also mentioned, "...a couple years ago, we closed two school buildings and that's very traumatic. So really, the past two years have been very difficult."

Haslett Public Schools had to face similar budget cuts, although the dollar amount may not have been exactly the same.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Okemos Public Schools recognized a year ago that they could be facing about five million dollars in budget cuts. They worked hard to make sure that students educations wouldn't be jeopardized, but Director of Finance for OPS stated that he doesn't see their financial situation improving any time soon.

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