Are You Completely Prepared for Your Vacation?

Are You Completely Prepared for Your 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As families and friends are hitting the road across Michigan there are plenty of things on their minds. Did we pack everything? Where should we stop along the way? What SPF sunscreen should we use? And the most important, are we there yet?

However Meridian and State officials like Lieutenant Kevin Mark of the Michigan State Police, have would like you to keep something else in mind.

“Depending on where you go, you should kind of research to see what kind of emergency weather and disaster that they have and just again prepare for those,” he said.

While emergencies may not be the first thing people think about it is important that they have plans in place in-case they occur.

“They should have an emergency kit for their car, they should have a flashlight. They should have extra medication. If they’re traveling with pets they should have extra, you know, pet food and water," Mark said.

Local and state officials would also like vacation goers to be ready for other emergencies, like car trouble you could experience along the way.

Lieutenant Greg Frenger of the Meridian Township Police said it is very important to make sure your car is ready for the trip.

“As far as motor vehicle travel, we encourage people to plan ahead for their trip, have their fluids checked, oil check and changed in necessary. Tires are important so check your tires before you leave,” said Frenger.

Additionally if you are towing a trailer or camper be sure to check to make sure all lights are in proper working order.

It's also recommended that you download American Red Cross mobile apps to your smart phone to be fully prepared. That way you will be ready for any possible emergency before, during or after you arrive at your destination.

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To learn more about being prepared before, during and after an emergency or disaster visit the Michigan State Police website at

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