Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Keeping Your Home Safe While on 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Whether its a day, a week or even longer, the Meridian Township Police offer vacation checks while residents are away.

Besides the home checks, officers suggest putting lights on timers, have their mail stopped or picked up by a neighbor or have someone you trust regularly check the home. Patrol officers will not enter the home, they will only observe the outside of the home unless there is a visible break in or another sign that something is wrong.

"Last year one of our officers smelled natural gas and called the power company and there was a natural gas leak within the home and had it been un-addressed it probably would have resulted in catastrophic event to the home it probably would have exploded is what we were told," said Lieutenant Greg Frenger.

Lieutenant Frenger also said to have someone park in your driveway so it appears someone is home. another sign that residents are gone are an unkempt yard in the summer and a lack of footprints in the snow during the winter months.

If you would like to have the Meridian Township Police monitor your home while you are away, you can call, go online and fill out the form, or simply stop by and fill out the form in person.

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