Ted Black Park Scout Project

Ted Black Park Scout Project

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Recently the Township approved Eagle Scout Troop 125's project for Ted Black Woods Park and now it is official underway.

Michal Glazer, a member of troop 125 has always enjoyed that humble feel of Ted Black Woods Park. Building a new fence is one way he feels he could give back to the community and the park.

Michael Glazer had this to say about their project. "We want some beautification projects going on and we also want to separate the border. I said great I can hop onto that and my practical down to earth nature related to boy scout skills are definitely in tune with this project"

Troop 125 has done many projects in Meridian township and various parks in the area. With the fence's completion, be on the lookout for more scout projects around the area.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Eagle Scouts in the area are hard at work at Ted Black Woods. Check out Meridian Magazine on Mondays to find out what they are up to!

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