Spartans Give Back to Community on Global Day of Service

Spartans Give Back to Community on 
Global Day of Service

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - April 12th was the Global Day of Service. Michigan State University students joined other volunteers at the Taste and Tour of Old Town Lansing, which was was one of many events all over the city. The festival gives people a chance to check out the lofts and eateries of Old Town.

The event was put on by the Old Town Commercial Association.

"It's a great opportunity for people to taste the different restaurants and some of the bars have special foods brought in today. Just kind of get a feel for what it is like to eat and be down here in Old Town and also we have some lofts that are available and lofts that are not available as well, but just for people to see how gorgeous they are and what it is like to live down here," said Louise Gradwohl, the Executive Director of the Old Town Commercial Association.

The volunteers helped check people in and escort them to fourteen different locations.

"It's great to have people that care about Lansing as a whole. Some of these people might be coming in from out of town, some of them love in the community and just want to make Lansing better, so I think its great to get Spartans on the street and have them do a variety of different things. OTC is a non-profit so it’s a huge help to have this kind of dedicated Spartans here helping us check in people and escorting them around town and making sure that they feel at home, so it's been really great,” said Gradwohl.

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