Elections on HOMTV

Elections on HOMTV

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - 2014 means it is election time in Meridian Township.

HOMtv coverage of the action will help provide viewers with the information needed to make an educated decision at the ballot. Candidates running at the Local, County and State Levels will be given the opportunity to participate in Live Debates where viewers get to call in and ask questions directly. Candidate Interviews and Statements will help outline the policies of those running.

Online coverage will be broadcast on www.homtv.net, or stay connected through Facebook.com/HOMTV and Twitter @HOMTV #BallotMeridian.

Additionally the Meridian Township Clerk’s Office offers extensive voter information on a variety of election related topics including registration requirements, absentee ballots, polling locations and sign criteria.

Additional Resources
Sample ballots may be viewed directly at www.michigan.gov/vote.

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